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Hello! This is a blog for a multiplicity system (aka "multiple personalities"). Tumblr is our safe space where we can explore the phenomenon of multiplicity and meet other multiples. Please feel free to ask questions or just say hi!

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Say Hi to the new one from us!

Thanks :) They’re still shy about talking to anyone who isn’t really close or the one canon mate we know, but they may say hello on here soon.

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Can I make a “A wild Bucky has appeared!” joke or would that be tasteless

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oh my gosh how were we not following you?! i thought we were following you! did tumblr mysteriously make us unfollow you, or did we never do so in the first place? =(! rectified! <3

Aww, thank you :D

I honestly don’t remember! I thought you guys were the one who started out following us, so it might have been one of those freak tumblr unfollowed ALL the blogs for you, which I know has happened to us at least once. But you’re here now, so hello!

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Transmarine Swimsuit (XS - 2XL)


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Let’s raise children who wont have to recover from their childhoods



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Now I really have to get home… but thank you so much, everyone, for being darlings and saying hello and stuff, even if new person is now hiding under a pile of shy. |D See you later!

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Say HEYYYYYYY :D Just like that.
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There’s so many of you being nice and supportive and saying hi /)o(\ Bucky’s shy now but they’re making hello noises.


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I just wanted to say that I hope the new fictive feels at home! I'm sure they're gonna be real happy cause of how cool everyone is :)

Aww, thank you <3 They seem to have adjusted really quickly! I’m not worrying anymore because of how supportive everyone is being.

17 hours ago

Well, send them our love, k? We hold back ourselves a lot on Tumblr too (our followers have probably noticed Q’s usually the only one that posts here (of course, a lot of posts get hidden or put on private)). But you all deserves teh love. ^_^ Tc!

Thank <3 They’re only the second alter who has ever fronted right after appearing, and so far they’ve been fronted for longer than the first one who did that (I say they because they actually feel like a “they”, even though the canon self is referred to as “he” and is DMAB and all that). They’re being shy of speaking to people we know, though. Maybe later ^^

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OoooO, there’s a new guy?

Yes ma’am :o Just as of last night.

18 hours ago

Reblog if you’re asexual/aromantic/agender


I wanna prove something to my dad

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If I met you I would kidnap you. You would never get to go home again MUWHAHAHAH


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talk to them. Just because they are a fictive doesn’t make them less a person. -Jacky

Oh no, most of our members are fictive. I’m just a little worried about letting them post things or talking too much about them in public because as I said in an earlier post their source is a popular fandom on tumblr and I don’t want them to get hate or anything from others for being a “roleplay invisible friend” or any of that.

Luckily they seem to have settled in well and are getting a positive response from the others, so I’m just not gonna worry about what it means for us :) All’s well.

18 hours ago

Going through “mate voices” tag I found recordings from our abusers……. *sweats* Thank God they deleted their blog so that they wouldn’t play.

18 hours ago

I’m literally only staying on here so I can finish listening to “Defying Gravity” because I want to hop on the bus and get to drawing, but the song is so good ;-; We kinda all want to learn to sing it, even those who don’t really sing at all.


*song ends*


*plays it over again*

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