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Unwilling to speak about anything but how gently this baby says “cheese” today. Thank you for understanding.

Omg the cute “Take a picture”. I can’t. My heart.

a little baby squeaks! melting

like why is she so cute

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Sugoi kawaii Seth-kun desu desu~



Just a few hours ago we were given some devastating news. Our Landlord wants us to leave our home on September 5th, despite his knowledge of our financial situation he wishes to go ahead with demolishing and rebuilding an extension to the kitchen.

We’re going to be frantically looking for places in the area around us but the current government has brought a lot of Anti-DSS [anti benefits] sentiment with them, thus a lot of rented places are not only expensive, but state that they won’t allow people on benefits to live there.

We don’t look good on paper, unemployed Mother and Daughter? Own a cat? Need a garden for therapy reasons? On benefits?

We need money to cover the costs of a deposit, moving van, first month’s rent a new place, first month’s utilities.

I will doubtlessly elaborate on this later with more details, but for now I remain in shock.

Please signal boost, please donate, please do whatever you can to help us because all I have in my bank account is £1100 and that is not enough to move two people, animals, and their stuff.


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I don’t get help because I am the helper.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who can relate to this. You’re the friend who helps everyone, gives them advice when they need it, tells them they’re perfect when they feel ugly, and help them with their relationships even though you’ve never been in one yourself. But then the time comes around for you to be sad, for you to need help, and they’re not there to give it. Sure, sometimes you may not tell people you need help when you need it, but when you do tell everyone just ignores the fact and continues on with their lives like you don’t matter. And then the next day they come to you for more help.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even care if I get their help or not. I wouldn’t even know what to do if they did offer help, I’ve never been on the other side of the relationship and I would feel out of place if I was. I’ve become better at dealing with my feelings and problems myself rather than telling anyone or even anything.

More on this.

At some point, you don’t even want help anymore, even if you need it, because you’re so far gone into your role that you can’t see yourself getting help. You get to a point where you refuse other people’s help because you don’t want to burden them, because you’re the person that’s supposed to be burdened by others. At some point, you become afraid of getting help.

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Good Vibes HERE


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seth, mum and captain

white woman:
men are awful
white man:
not all men!
white woman:
yes but enough men so that i feel endangered, your comment is unnecessary and derails the dialogue of women's issues that i am attempting to engage in
person of color:
white people are awful
white woman:
not all white people!
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oh look i finished the assbutt

terrible composition but whatever I really like this xD

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preshusbabus Vincent and Pheonix

if you think vincent looks a bit pale and a little off; he’s a vampire xD

I might add a background later if I feel like it

meaning I probably wont

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Autistic Person:
*Flaps when they're happy*
Autistic Person:
*Hisses and pulls away when they're upset*
Autistic Person:
*Points and jumps when they need something *
Autistic Person:
*Rocks and stomps when they're upset*
Autistic Person:
*Verbally stims when they're anxious *
Autistic Person:
*Pets other to show love and affection*
Autistic Person:
*Has a thousand unique stims and vocalizations for different contexts that convey different meanings*
Allistic Person:
"See, they don't communicate at all!"

Reblog if you are BEES. Only BEES. Just BEES.

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cartilogenophobe: that face was at the housekeeper who tried to invade the room then couldnt lock the door

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hotel candids. lets see if seth kills me for posting him in his pajamas~


Star field


Three of four original mini prints for AX! Come visit michysoong and I at K32~!

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i took too many photos of him taking photos